Exquisitely Angora FARMS


Exquisitely Angora Farms is located about one hour west of St. Louis, Missouri.  We pride ourselves in raising top quality German Angora rabbits.  In addition, we are working on introducing color diversity into the German lines by breeding high producing hybrid lines to meet the standards of German rabbit registration.

The angora wool produced by these rabbits is gently harvested every three months from each animal and spun and dyed for the knitters yarn market.  We lovingly take care of our animals in return for the wonderful fiber they provide us.

In 2012, we introduced angora goats to our farm to diversify our products which will now include a herd of angora goats to produce beautiful natural color fleeces and handspun mohair yarns.

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Welcome to the serene world of angoras

A white and an agouti rabbit pair do not produce blue socks.  However, these machine washable socks were made from the wool that the white animals produced. The socks were hand dyed by Rosalie  and are available on www.etsy.com/shop/chicyarn

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To contact me via email : truongr@me.com

Now available: colored full Germans, with and without pedigree! Many babies are for sale on my for sale page. I will be going to Maine for the Annual Meeting for IAGARB, April 6-10. Delivery is available. Animals can be held with a 50% deposit.